Special Interest Groups

ACNN encourages members with shared interests to network and share information within the larger structure of the College.

To facilitate these activities ACNN will support Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide continuous networking and information sharing on a specific topic or area of interest to a subset of ACNNs overall membership.

Currently there are 5 SIGs: 

Education SIG

The Neonatal Nurse Education (NNE) SIG is committed to supporting and facilitating education which contributes to quality outcomes for neonates, rewarding experiences for neonatal nurses and the advancement of our profession.

leadership sig

The purpose of the Neonatal Nursing Leadership group is to increase awareness and support of the importance of Nursing Leadership and the impact this has on practice change, neonatal nursing growth and development and to maintain the high standard of care for babies and their families.

low resource countries sig

ACNN LRC SIG is specifically addressing newborn mortality throughout Australia’s neighbouring LRCs within South East Asia and Sovereign Oceania regions.

Nurse Practitioner SIG

The role of Neonatal Nurse Practitioner is relatively new in the Australian health care setting and one, which plays an integral role in the provision of safe, effective and quality care for neonates and their families.

Research SIG

The purpose of the neonatal research SIG is to bring together those members with an interest in any aspect of research, from planning through to publication and promote and facilitate research related to neonatal care.

For more details see the individual SIG pages on the left or if already a member of ACNN login and go to the members section for detailed information.

sig members section

  • To be a member of a SIG, you need to be a member of ACNN.

  • ACNN members may nominate to be a member of 1 or more SIGs.

  • SIG member information is available in the members only section. You will need to login to see this information.