Facilitator Flipchart

Facilitator Flipchart - Click to enlarge picture.
$70.00 AUD
Approx $53.28 USD


The Facilitator Flipchart pages have information on 2 sides of each page:
  • Front illustration – pictorial representation of an evaluation or skill
  • Back text – presentation guide for the facilitator
A built-in stand positions the Facilitator Flipchart so both sides are visible.
  • Illustrations face the learners
  • Presentation guide faces the facilitator
  • Fold-out stand prevents slipping
Each page of the Facilitator Flipchart follows the same format:
Front (facing learners)
  • Illustration of an evaluation, action step, or technique
  • Inset of the Action Plan with step corresponding to the illustration circled in red
Back upper (facing facilitator)
  • Present and demonstrate – main points of knowledge and skills presented in the front illustration and text on the corresponding page of the Learner Workbook
  • Engage the learners – cues to encourage learners to refer to the Action Plan and to practice individual evaluations and skills
  • Ask the learners – review of the Check yourself questions from the Learner Workbook
Back lower (facing facilitator)
  • Illustration (same as front) of an evaluation, action step or technique
  • Background and educational advice – additional information for facilitators to amplify the main points and some issues that may have variations in practice
Exercises and group discussion questions end each color-coded section of the Facilitator Flipchart:
  • Preparation for Birth
  • Routine Care
  • The Golden MinuteSM
  • Prolonged ventilation with normal or slow heart rate
A checklist for facilitators can be used on the day of a Helping Babies Breathe course.
Learner evaluations (written/verbal and objective structured clinical evaluations) can be found at the back of the Facilitator Flipchart.