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ACNN South Australian Branch

e: sabranch@acnn.org.au

ACNN SA Branch is committed to the ACNN objectives of advancing the specialty of neonatal nursing and positively influencing care for neonates and their families.

ACNN SA Branch provides a forum for discussion and debate about how neonatal nurses can work together to achieve optimal care for neonates and their families. Its role is to provide support for professional development, education and research opportunities, provide leadership in clinical care and contribute to health care policy within SA.

ACNN SA Branch represents neonatal nurses in SA.

2016 Committee

  • Chairperson: Angela Cavallaro

  • Secretary: Miriam Long

  • Assistant secretary: Brie Simpson

  • Treasurer: Marissa Lewis

  • Education Officer: Lee Hussey

  • Ordinary members: Meg Bater, Gill Mibus, Sharon Brenton, Nettie Birtles

Updated Ocotober 2017