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Australian College of Neonatal Nurses Inc

ACNN Incorporated (hereby referred to as ACNN) is a member-based organisation, that is governed by a Public Officer, located in New South Wales, and a National Executive. ACNN has a number of state-based Branches and nationally focussed Special Interest Groups 

  • ACNN is NOT a registered educational institution and therefore does not offer courses towards becoming a neonatal nurse. Registered educational institutions who offer neonatal courses are available HERE.

  • ACNN is NOT an accreditation provider and therefore is unable to accredit courses. 

  • ACNN does NOT provide scholarships to overseas nurses and midwives to undertake study in Australia.

  • ACNN has a low resource setting neonatal nurse scholarship open to nurses/midwives located in the Western Pacific and South East Asia for the purpose of attending a conference to support professional development. 


We believe neonatal nurses have a responsibility to carry out a high standard of individualised care for preterm, sick and recovering newborn infants within a family centred philosophy.

We believe neonatal nursing should have a national focus with standards for clinical practice, research and education.

We believe there should be active collaboration and representation between Australian College of Neonatal Nurses (ACNN) members, other professional associations, particularly those involved with perinatal care, and clinical and academic institutions.

The Australian College of Neonatal Nurses provides direction and leadership for neonatal nurses thereby enhancing their professional development within the speciality.

Mission Statement

The Australian College of Neonatal Nurses Inc is committed to:

  • Maintaining the highest international standards in clinical practice, teaching and research
  • Promoting and sustaining a philosophy of family-centred and individualized care for infants and their families
  • Advancing the welfare of Australian families, recognising the particular needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups
  • Working with other national and international professional and multidisciplinary bodies to extend and enhance the quality of clinical practice, education and research activities
  • Maintaining a rewarding environment for the neonatal nursing community through advocating for advancing professional practice within the context of complex and evolving systems of health service provision

Advocates for neonatal nurses

  • Providing expert advice to, and professional communication with government bodies and other professional colleges on matters pertaining to neonatal nursing

  • Facilitating close and continuing contact with other professional colleges pertaining to neonatology/perinatology

  • Fostering international liaisons to promote neonatal nursing in Australia

  • Acting in an advisory capacity on the formulation and implementation of post graduate neonatal nursing education programs

Supports neonatal nurses’ professional development

  • Promoting the formulation and dissemination of standards of care for neonatal nursing practice

  • Organising a national conference where neonatal nurses can hear the latest research and network with colleagues

  • Promoting and facilitating nursing research related to neonatal care

  • Providing and promoting forums at regional, national and international levels, for the exchange of information and ideas pertaining to neonatal care

  • Contributing to International development in neonatal nursing

  • Offering scholarships

  • Providing professional practice tools and publications

Constitution 2012 - updated 2022

Australian College Of Neonatal Nurses Incorporated Constitution 2012

Inaugurated 1992
Amendments March 1997, July 2002, March 2005, April 2008, April 2009, April 2012, October 2015, October 2017, October 2022

The name of the Association shall be the Australian College of Neonatal Nurses Incorporated (ACNN Inc)

1 Develop, maintain and promote standards of care for Australian neonatal nursing practice.
2 Promote global neonatal standards of care as a member of Council of International Neonatal Nurses.
3 Promote best practice, exchange of information and support for professional development of neonatal nurses in Australia and the South Pacific Island region.
4 Lead and promote opportunities to advance neonatal nursing education, leadership, research, and the role of neonatal nurse practitioners.
5 Provide expert advice on matters pertaining to neonatal nursing on request, from government bodies, educational institutions and other professional associations.
6 Advocate for neonatal nursing and the care of sick, preterm, high-risk neonates.
7 Collaborate with local, national and global professional associations, organisations, and foundations, as well as not-for-profits groups with relevance to nursing, midwifery, neonatology and perinatology.

Download a copy of the constitution

Updated 15 November 2022