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Surgical Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Are you interested in a career in Surgical Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing?

The Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care Neonatal Nursing Specialty Transition Program may be for you!

  • Designed for nurses new to the neonatal surgical setting
  • 12-month supported transition to specialty program
  • Program consists of clinical support, work-based learning activities, study days, clinical progression opportunities and clinical skills assessments.
  • Completion of the program entitles participants to recognition of prior learning for one subject off a graduate certificate in neonatal nursing program.

If you are an experienced nurse, we recognise your prior clinical experience and develop an orientation and professional development plan based on your unique needs and the unit’s clinical progression pathway.

Other exciting opportunities available to you as a Grace employee include access to the following programs:

  • FINE 1 and FINE 2, NIDCAP Education training
  • Advanced Neonatal Simulation Course
  • SCORPIO Breastfeeding program
  • Support with attending Internal and external conferences.
  • Grace Nursing Research fellowship program
  • Participation in Quality improvement projects & special interest groups
  • Mentorship program

Please contact Sarah Morris, Nurse Manager - sarah.morris@health.nsw.gov.au or 9845 2746

Posted 17 August 2023