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Volunteer Nnps


Volunteer Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Needed in Sierra Leone and Malawi

Project HOPE’s Saving Newborns Program
Neonatal Advanced Nursing Education Program

Faculty Preparation and Clinical Mentorship

Project HOPE invites certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioners candidates to join the neonatal mentorship team to train faculty who have been designated to teach in the newly developing advanced Neonatal Nursing programs at the Bachelor of Science level in university schools of nursing. 

Project HOPE has targeted two critical countries, Malawi and Sierra Leone. Both have high neonatal morality rates and minimal training and experience in neonatal nursing practice.  Candidates will be part of a global effort to train a new cadre of neonatal nurses in these countries beginning with the faculty who are to implement the courses and provide clinical mentorship for future students. Program graduates will be deployed to SCBU’s in the country and will have a positive impact on community and health facility newborn care.

The faculty preparation program includes a series of two-week rotations in Special Care Baby Units for small, preterm, and sick babies to prepare them to teach the clinical component of the curriculum. Candidates will provide clinical mentorship for approximately ten faculty for a two-week period, and will be deployed in pairs with another neonatal nurse practitioner. Project HOPE’s HQ and country teams will provide technical and logistical support.

Please contact us immediately if you are interested:

Project HOPE

Daria Novak
Coordinator, Global Volunteers


(540) 837-2100 Ext. 518