New South Wales

Neonatal Nursing in New South Wales

If you are interested in applying for neonatal nursing positions within NSW, a good starting point is the NSW Health website.

In NSW there are nine NICUs and many SCNs. Some SCNs are attached to a NICU, and others are part of the obstetric services in smaller hospitals.

  • Second and third year undergraduate nursing students and midwifery students can access neonatal units for clinical placements.
  • Direct entry midwives are also able to negotiate working in some SCNs attached to a NICU.
  • Clinical placements are offered to graduate nurses within neonatal units during their new graduate rotation.
  • The Royal Hospital for Women has a 12-month graduate program in the SCN/NICU.

In NSW there are a number of opportunities for educational support for neonatal nurses.

  1. The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) runs a Graduate Certificate in Neonatal Nursing with two streams: NICU and SCU. This course is offered to fee paying students Australia wide and NSW Health-funded students (subject to funding). The Students must be employed in the area of their stream to be eligible. ACN also offers enrolment to single subject courses for nurses with an interest in working in the neonatal field including neonatal physiology, assessment of growth and development. Further information can be found at
  2. University of Technology UTS runs a 12-month Neonatal Nursing course every two years – usually on odd years. Participants can exit with a Graduate Certificate in Neonatal Nursing at 12 months or at two years to gain a Masters of Nursing. Further information can be found at

Information updated February 2015