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Neonatal Nursing in Queensland

  • In Queensland there are 3 NICU’s and a large number of SCN’s. Some SCN’s are attached to a NICU, and others are part of the obstetric services in metropolitan, regional and rural hospitals.
  • Clinical placements may be offered to graduate nurses / midwives within neonatal units during their new graduate rotation.
  • If you are interested in applying for neonatal nursing positions within Queenslane, a good starting point is 'Work for us' Queensland Health

In Queensland there are a number of opportunities for educational support for neonatal nurses.

  • Transition Support Programs (TSP) have been developed to provide a co-ordinated and consistent approach to the provision of clinically focused, post registration continuing professional development to support the extension of theory to practice
  1. The program progresses along a continuum from foundations of neonatal nursing care to advanced care for at-risk infants and their families.  This is achieved through a phased approach from orientation, initial knowledge and skill development, preceptorship and continuing development.
  2. The objective of the Transition Support Program - Neonatal is to equip Registered Nurses / Midwives new to the clinical specialty with contemporary knowledge and skills necessary to practise competently and safely in the neonatal environment.
  • Several Universities have approved articulation of the TSP
    • Australian Catholic University: 2 credits, and
    • Australian College of Nursing has granted RPL for two subjects : Assessment of growth and development (255) and Neonatal Special care (207) due to the high calibre of the EPIQ TSP Neonatal special care and Neonatal complex health needs 2012 programs. They note that this process is individualised but has set a precedent at ACN.
    • James Cook University recognise TSP for 1 credit
    • University of Tasmania : Credit (Advanced Standing) granted, apply as part of the eApplication process.

Information updated April 2016