Western Australia

Neonatal Nursing in Western Australia

  • The Neonatal Clinical Care Unit (NCCU) is located at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and is the only Tertiary Level 3 Unit in Western Australia.  The total number of beds available over both sites is 125 (100 at KEMH and 25 at PMH).
  • Nursing within the NCCU for new RN’s begins with a comprehensive orientation program to the Level Two Immediate Care Unit, followed by orientation to the Level Three Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) over a number of weeks.  The program can be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual, taking into consideration prior knowledge and experience.  The new staff member works closely with the Clinical Development Nurses (CDN) then with a preceptor or buddy before working independently with CDN support if required.
  • Two orientation study days are provided for all new nursing staff to the NCCU within the first 2 months of commencing. The study days are designed to provide staff with consistent baseline knowledge and clinical skills in the care of the sick newborn.
  • Post orientation an ongoing education program is available for all nursing staff working in the unit.

Registered Nurses interested in a career in neonatal nursing should contact the Nurse Manager, NCCU by email, Pippa.Vines@health.wa.gov.au

Educational support for neonatal nurses in Western Australia

  • Hospital Based Neonatal RN/RM Level 2 Certificate Course was specifically developed to provide education for Western Australian RN/RM’s employed in a Level 2 neonatal special care nursery in a metropolitan or rural hospital.  The 3 month course is conducted at both KEMH and PMH neonatal units in conjunction with the participant hospital Level 2 SCN.
  • On successful completion the graduate will be awarded a Hospital Based Neonatal RN/RM Level 2 Course Certificate and will have the skills and knowledge to effectively practice in a Level 2 neonatal special care nursery.
  • This course is offered annually and enquiries can be made to the Outreach Neonatal Coordinator, Hilary.Cross@health.wa.gov.au

  • The Graduate Certificate in Cinical Nursing (Neonatal Intensive Care) is offered by Curtin University and the NCCU for Registered Nurses working in the unit who meet the necessary entry requirements.  The program covers all areas of neonatal intensive care nursing, including the care of sick and extremely low birth weight neonate.  Students are provided with advanced theory and clinical skills and exit at the graduate certificate level.

Information updated March 2015