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Privacy Statement

The Australian College of Neonatal Nurses Inc (ACNN) places great emphasis on maintaining and enhancing the privacy and security of your personal information. In order to provide a service to our members, the ACNN collects and uses personal information. Personal information held by the association includes the information provided to us by the State Associations.

ACNN does not disclose information of a personal nature unless the individual concerned has given written consent for us to do so or if disclosure is required under law. The ACNN stores such information in a secure place and access to such information is limited to those members who require access to carry out their work duties.

In very limited circumstances some information of a personal nature (such as the names and addresses of members) may be provided to an external organisation in order for the association to conduct our business. (An example of such an arrangement is that we need to disclose the name and address of all members to the mailing house that distributes the journal.) In these circumstances we ensure that a strict confidentiality agreement is in place prior to handing over such information. Under no circumstances would ACNN “sell on” our membership listing to any outside organisation. We make every effort to ensure that the integrity of our membership database is maintained.

The National Privacy Principles (NNPS) guide our policy and practices.