Special Interest Groups

Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed by members of the College around an area of interest. All financial members of ACNN are welcome to join a SIG/s - you can be involved either actively (serving on the committee) or passively (receiving email communication).  To join a SIG, please email the executive support officer at eso@acnn.org.au, contact the relevant SIG or indicate on your membership renewal or joining application.

Education SIG

The Education SIG is committed to supporting and facilitating education which contributes to quality outcomes for neonates, rewarding experiences for neonatal nurses and the advancement of our profession. MORE >>

Leadership SIG

The purpose of the Leadership SIG is to increase awareness and support of the importance of Neonatal Nursing Leadership and the impact this has on practice change, neonatal nursing growth and development and to maintain the high standard of care for neonates and their families. MORE >>

Low Resource Countries (LRC) SIG

The focus of the LRC SIG is on forming collaborations with neighbouring low resource settings of the south pacific to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality and morbidity. The SIG contributes to the global effort of providing sustainable education and training to healthcare workers, including village health volunteers, on neonatal and maternal care. MORE >>

Neonatal Skin (NeoSkin) SIG

The NeoSkin SIG will provide a forum for discussion of practices that promote neonatal skin health and prevention and management of skin injury for neonates and their families. Similarly, the SIG will provide opportunity for neonatal nurses to explore and share quality improvement or research initiatives related to skin care and health. MORE >>

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) SIG

The focus of the NNP SIG is to provide a collaborative network for current and future neonatal nurse practitioners within the Australian context. Priorities for the SIG are to support advanced neonatal clinical education, provide guidance for neonatal nursing clinicians interested in pursuing the NNP career pathway, and link NNPs and candidates together in a mentorship framework. In addition, the SIG aims to become a preferred source for expert commentary regarding the role for regulatory, professional and educational bodies within Australia. MORE >>

Neurodevelopmental care (NDC) SIG

The focus of the NDC SIG is to support the provision of family centred and developmentally supportive practices across neonatal settings and to promote consistency in practice and improved neurodevelopmental outcomes for vulnerable neonates. The NDC SIG aims to raise awareness in the neonatal setting of developmental care as a conscious individualised practice that is considered a minimum standard of care. MORE >>

Nutrition & Feeding SIG

Infant feeding plays an important part in the experience of families whose infant requires admission to a neonatal unit. Successful establishment of feeding is affected by various factors, such as prematurity, neurological impairment, congenital abnormalities, surgery, or maternal conditions and choices. Neonatal nurses and neonatal lactation consultants can provide care and education that optimise feeding outcomes. . MORE >>

Research SIG

The purpose of the neonatal research SIG is to bring together those members with an interest in any aspect of research, from planning through to publication and promote and facilitate research related to neonatal care. MORE >>

Updated 26 September 2022