2020 Program

The following is a general guide and the program will be published here as it develops.

PROGRAM OUTLINE as at 05 March 2020

For all conference enquires please direct emails to conference@acnn.org.au 

Wednesday 2nd September

  • National Executive meeting (am)

  • Registration from 2 pm (tentative)

  • Opening plenary commences at 3.30 pm (tentative)

  • 'Market Place Welcome Reception'

Thursday 3rd September 

  • Breakfast sessions

  • Invited and free abstract presentations

  • Concurrent sessions

  • Conference dinner - National Gallery of Australia

Gala Dinner
As we are in our Nation's Capital, we will be holding a gala dinner at our national art museum - National Gallery of Australia. The gallery, situated on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, was established in 1967 by the Australian government as a national public art museum. It hosts more than 160,000 works of art. The gallery also hosts featured exhibitions. For the dinner event, we are liaising with the venue to organise short tours of the featured exhibition.

The dinner includes 2 courses, drinks and live entertainment.   
Thursday 2nd September, 6.30 - 10.30 pm. 

Friday 4th September

  • Invited and free abstract presentations

  • Concurrent sessions

  • Annual General Meeting

Invited speaker presentation synopsis

This information will be updated as presentation titles and synopsis received

Dr Eveline Staub

1. Breakfast session: “Feed them early, feed them fast: Improving enteral nutrition in preterm infants by standardizing feeding protocol and assessment of feeding intolerance"

"No consensus exists on the definition of feeding intolerance in preterm infants. Arbitrary measures of gastric aspirates and the ever-present fear of necrotizing enterocolitis lead to large inter-individual practice variations, delays in enteral nutrition and prolonged fasting periods. The evidence, however, supports early  feeding and minimizing days infants are kept nil by mouth to optimize enteral nutrition. In a single-centre experience, a standardized approach to enteral feeding including a novel algorithm to assess feeding intolerance without measuring gastric aspirates showed to improve nutrition and decrease infections significantly.”

2. “The forgotten organ: Kidney development after preterm birth and long term consequences on renal health.”
“Lung and brain development have traditionally been and remain at the centre of  research endeavours in an effort to improve short and long term outcome of premature infants. The kidneys have only very recently started to receive more attention, particularly as data emerges on kidney related health problems of former preterm adolescents and young adults. As more infants born at extremely low gestational ages and extremely low birth weights survive into adulthood, it becomes more important to understand aberrant kidney development after preterm birth, including long term consequences on blood pressure and renal function.”

Dr Atul Malhotra

1. Fetal growth restriction: pathophysiology and neonatal impact
Fetal growth restriction (also known as IUGR) is an important and serious complication of pregnancy with significant short term and long term implications. In this session, antenatal and postnatal aspects of care and management of the growth restricted infant will be discussed, with particular emphasis on neonatal morbidities.

2. Stem cell therapies for bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (chronic lung disease of prematurity) is a common complication of prematurity. Despite advances in the care of very premature infants, BPD continues to cause significant impact on the infant, family and community. In this session, recent advances in cell therapies for BPD will be discussed. In particular, world first work from Australia on the use of placental stem cells for BPD will be discussed. 

Breakfast sessions

3 breakfast sessions will be held on Thursday 3rd September

  • Dr Eveline Staub: nutrition - preterm growth
  • Research workshop - tba
  • Low Resource Countries SIG - guest presentation + general meeting

Guest Speakers - concurrent SIG stream sessions 

  • Leadership SIG: Professor Christine Duffield
  • Research SIG: Dr Denise Harrison
  • Education SIG: Associate Professor Jenny Wellen-Newton
  • NNP SIG: Dr Atul Malhotra, Dr Jennifer Dawson, Kate O'Hara 

Updated 05 March 2020