Breakfast Sessions

Breakfast sessions are scheduled for both Thursday 15th & Friday 16th September

Breakfast will be served from 6.30 - 7 am in the Courtyard area prior to the sessions commencing. These sessions will run until 8.15 am. Session prices from $10 (includes breakfast).

Registration is required for the breakfast sessions. Sessions can be booked initially with your registration or can be added at a later date (numbers strictly limited).

Breakfast Session 1 - "Time for you ~ care for a professional"
Presenter: Alja Hopkins

Alja has over twenty  years’ experience as a social worker, both in Europe and Australia, having worked in Australian frontline settings since 2007 in both government and non-government sectors including neonatal and maternal hospital specialised care. Alja has expertise in trauma informed therapeutic care provision and is a clinical supervisor to health professionals. Alja is an educator to health professionals for the Mind Heart Connect Foundation.  Her areas of expertise are complex trauma relief, PTSD, anxiety/depression, grief/loss, pain (including chronic health issues) and perinatal maternal and family health. With a professional background in clinical social work and psychotherapy Alja is passionate about supporting her clients, colleagues, and the wider community with her work. 

SYNOPSIS: Spend a highly experiential and skills based time with Alja and to connect back to yourself. Experience and learn a few evidence based self-care protocols you can implement immediately for yourself to increase your personal resiliency capacities.

Breakfast Session 2 - "Improving the quality of maternal and newborn care in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea" Facilitated by the LRC SIG
Presenter: Dr Alyce Wilson. 
Dr Alyce Wilson is a Public Health Physician and Senior Research Fellow working in global maternal, child and adolescent health at the Burnet Institute. She is an Australian medical doctor with postgraduate qualifications in public health and obstetrics and gynaecology. Alyce is a fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, Royal Australasian College of Physicians and has recently completed a PhD examining the quality of maternal and child care in Papua New Guinea. Further to her role at Burnet, Alyce is a Senior Medical Advisor with the Victorian Department of Health and lectures science, medical and public health students at the University of Melbourne. 

Breakfast Session 3 - "I need a NETS retrieval...What next?" (Initial management, stabilistion & retrieval case-based scenario)
Presenter:  Sarah Bincy, NETS NSW  
Stabilisation of a critically unwell neonate can be a challenging situation in a tertiary hospital. Imagine you are faced with this challenge in an ED/ regional non maternity facility. This case-based scenario will look at challenges regional hospitals face when in this situation. An interactive discussion of the initial management, stabilisation and retrieval of these neonates will follow, with a strong focus on the neonatal principles ‘pink, warm/ cool and sweet’, as well as touch on recognising the collapsed neonate and a baby with a cardiac lesion. The aim of this session is to empower nurses and midwives to think critically during the management of these neonates, providing you with resources and techniques to care for preterm/ critically unwell neonates. This breakfast session is suitable for those working in regional and tertiary centres. 

Breakfast Session 4 - What about dad? Supporting fatherhood in the neonatal unit.
Presenters: Sophia Qiuxia Dong, Dr Rebecca Liackmann- SMS 4dad, Julie Borninkohf - CEO of PANDA, Renee Muirhead & Amanda Bates. Facilitated by the NDC SIG.
This session aims to raise the awareness of fatherhood and mental health of fathers among neonatal nurses.
Sophia Qiuxia Dong -  will share her results of a exploratory study looking at the impact of kangaroo care on fathers when their babies are cared for in a NICU. Current evidence and further research from diverse backgrounds and culture will be discussed.
SMS4dad -  Dr. Rebecca Liackman will be the speaker representing SMS4dads. SMS4dad will introduce the innovate approach to integrate family with NICU using modern technology. Rebecca believes SMS4dads is unique, bold and pioneering. SMS4dads fills a gap for dads to feel valued, non-invasively and non-judgmentally, during a challenging life-phase.
Julie Borninkoh - will highlight the mental health of father's and introduce the work of PANDA in recent years.
Renee Muirhead & Amanda Bates - will discuss the development, implementation and challenges of a father’s peer support group in a large tertiary referral centre in Queensland.

Breakfast Session 5 - "Improvement in thermoregulation outcomes following the implementation of a thermoregulation bundle for preterm infants"
Presenter: Hannah Skelton, NICU, Westmead Hospital, Sydney. 
Sponsored session by GE Healthcare.

Hannah Skelton is the Clinical Nurse Consultant in the NICU at Westmead Hospital. She is passionate in improving the care of preterm infants through the implementation of evidence-based practice and neuroprotective care. Hannah has a keen interest in participating in research, having commenced her research journey as a Research Assistant during her undergraduate degree and currently being enrolled in her PhD at Western Sydney University. In addition, Hannah has been employed as a research nurse prior to being appointed to the CNC role, and has participated in quality improvement initiatives in the NICU, such as improving admission temperatures of neonates. When Hannah is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler and two beagles or using her problem solving abilities to complete escape rooms. 

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