Role Modelling

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Date: Tuesday 2nd November 
Time: 7-8:30pm (Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne); 6-7:30pm (Brisbane). 
Title: "Role modelling" 
Presenter: Julie Sorrell, MSc in Health and Social Care Leadership & Nurse Researcher at Qld Health
Overview: Leadership is Julie’s passion and she was able to use her knowledge and experience when she developed a Clinical Nurse Leadership development program for the North West Hospital Health Service nurses. A program that has been adopted by two further HHS’s across Queensland. The BOOST! Leadership Development Program has been presented at the ‘Are you remotely Interested’ conference, JCU centre for Rural and Remote Health, the 2019 ICN congress in Singapore and the 2019 AQNML conference in Brisbane and is supported by the QH OCNMO.

Julie will discuss effective leadership. It cannot be overstated that leaders who enhance their own skills and abilities set an example that has a significant impact on the rest of the workforce.

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