Position Statements: professional and clinical

ACNN Statements

Position statements and guidance documents of the College are under review and will be posted here as they become available.

  • ACNN NNE SIG Position Statement for the Provision of Neonatal Nursing Education (2014):The provision of Neonatal Nurse Education: ACNN considers that appropriate preparation of specialist neonatal nurses is vital for the provision of quality care to neonates and their families and for the facilitation of nationally recognised neonatal nursing qualifications. There is a pressing need for higher education sector providers, health care providers and neonatal intensive and special care clinicians to develop consensus on neonatal intensive and special care course graduate outcomes. Collaboration between the health care and higher education sectors is crucial to ensure a standard of postgraduate neonatal intensive and special care nursing education that meets the expectations of both sectors.

Council of International Neonatal Nurses Statements

  • Breastfeeding: COINN recognizes the critical impact of breastfeeding and expressed breast milk complementary feeding, to not only enhanced short and long-term health and developmental outcomes, but also to child survival.

  • Care of the well term infant: The Council of International Neonatal Nurses (COINN) is the international voice of neonatal nurses who provide care during this vulnerable period. In order to address identified gaps in current practice COINN supports and recommends the following basic care for well term babies

  • Care of the late preterm infant: In the United States there was an increase of 18% in late preterm births from 1996 to 2006 representing 9.1% of all live preterm births. This late preterm population accounted for more than 70% of all the preterm births in the US in the 2006. The same trend is seen worldwide with approximately 1 million premature infants dying during the neonatal period many of which are late premature infants.

  • Every Newborn Action Plan: COINN advocates for high-quality coverage of skilled health professionals at every birth and adequate skilled support during the post natal period so that every newborn receives essential newborn care; every newborn who fails to breathe spontaneously at birth receives bag and mask resuscitation; every newborn receives kangaroo mother care (skin-to-skin contact) in any setting (health facility or home) when safe to do so; and every newborn with a suspected infection receives sepsis management.  COINN-ENAP.pdf

  • Ethical Migration and Recruitment of Neonatal Nurses: COINN reaffirms ICN and the WHO global alliance call for a regulated recruitment process based on ethical principles that guides informed decision making and reinforces sound employment policies on the parts of governments, employers and nurses, thus supporting fair and cost-effective recruitment and retention practices.Ethical-migration.pdf

  • Kangaroo Mother Care: COINN supports the use of kangaroo mother care in both high and low resource settings; initiated soon after birth in any setting (health facility or home), when safe to do so and with adequate follow-up.

  • Neonatal Nurse Education: COINN supports the provision of neonatal nursing education that is resourced, evidence-based, focused on developing skills and a theoretical basis for practice, and delivered by appropriately qualified educators and clinicians.

Updated 20 January 2017