Neo-Skin Scholarship

ACNN members who have been financial members for 18 consecutive months or more are invited to apply for the Neo-Skin Scholarship in the following categories:  

  • Course/workshop/conference attendance with a focus on skin/wound care relevant to neonates
  • Postgraduate study or Higher Degree Research with a specific focus on neonatal skin care aspect
  • Research project or quality improvement initiative with a focus on neonatal skin

Opening, Closing & Notification dates for 2023

Opening date*
Closing date Notification date
1 March
15 March
25 April
1 June
15 June
25 July
1 October
15 October
25 November

*Earliest date for sending documents to the

Please note: the scholarship application process is competitive. Please ensure your application is of high quality and complete. Only complete applications formatted and provided as outlined within the checklist will be accepted.
Incomplete applications will be returned. Applications may be resubmitted for the same round before the closing date or a subsequent round once complete.  

Email in a single document, to the ACNN Professional Officer at all the documents and information required as outlined on the checklist, along with the completed checklist. 

Download the full scholarship process document HERE
Download checklist

Enquires and applications to Professor Denise Harrison:

Updated 18 January  2023