Scholarships, Awards & Grants

Scholarships, awards  and grants are offered by ACNN and branches for members for a wide range of actives or in recognition of service to neonates and families.

Applications and nominations may be submitted at any time and will be assessed in April and September each year.  


  • Leadership and management Scholarship for study, conference, course in leadership and/or management

  • Low Resource Country context Scholarship for conference, short course, study to low resource contexts; QI or research project in a low resource country
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Scholarship for study/course relevant to NNP or conference attendance 

  • Neoskin Scholarship for study/course/ conference or QI or research project with a focus on skin/wound care relevant to neonates

  • Neurodevelopmental Care Scholarship for study/course or conference with focus on neurodevelopmental care
  • Professional Development Scholarship for postgraduate study in neonatal nursing, conference attendance, course

  • Research Scholarship to undertake research/QI activity or to present research results to a national or international conference


  • Clinical Neonatal Nurse Excellence Award to recognise neonatal nurses who have made a contribution to neonatal nursing in clinical practice, eduction or research. NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE TODAY!

  • Family Appreciation Award - for families to nominate a nurse who they feel deserves to be recognised for delivering outstanding care and support to a family and their infant while in the neonatal unit

  • Mark New Quiet Achiever Award to recognise a neonatal nurse who has contributed meaningfully to neonatal research or clinical practice improvement. NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE TODAY!

  • Qld branch presenters awards awarded for oral and poster presentations to Qld branch members at the ACNN National Conference


  • Jessie Everson Checkley Education Grant - open to NSW branch members. Grants to support attending/presenting at educational events

  • Qld branch conference travel grants - open to QLD branch members. Grants to support attending to present at a National or International conference

Updated 05 March  2020