Scholarships, Awards & Grants

The following scholarships, awards and grants are offered by ACNN and private families for a wide range of activities or in recognition of service to neonates and families.

Scholarship applications are assessed in February, April, June, August, October and December.  

Scholarships funded by ACNN

  • Leadership and management Scholarship for study, conference, course in leadership and/or management

  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Scholarship for study/course relevant to NNP or conference attendance 

  • Neo-Skin Scholarship for study/course/ conference or QI or research project with a focus on skin/wound care relevant to neonates

  • Neurodevelopmental Care Scholarship for study/course or conference with focus on neurodevelopmental care
  • Professional Development Scholarship for postgraduate study in neonatal nursing, conference attendance, course

  • Renee Collisson Scholarship for conference, short course, study relevant to low resource contexts; QI or research project in a low resource country

  • Research Scholarship to undertake research/QI activity or to present research results to a national or international conference

Scholarships funded by partners

  • The University of Tasmania and the ACNN have partnered to offer postgraduate nursing qualifications on a scholarship basis to ACNN members

Award nominations are accepted all year and assessed in the lead up to the ACNN National Conference. 


  • Clinical Neonatal Nurse Excellence Award to recognise neonatal nurses who have made a contribution to neonatal nursing in clinical practice, eduction or research. NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE TODAY!

  • Family Appreciation Award - for families to nominate a nurse who they feel deserves to be recognised for delivering outstanding care and support to a family and their infant while in the neonatal unit

  • Mark New Quiet Achiever Award to recognise a neonatal nurse who has contributed meaningfully to neonatal research or clinical practice improvement. NOMINATE A COLLEAGUE TODAY!

  • Qld branch presenters awards awarded for oral and poster presentations to Qld branch members at the ACNN National Conference


  • Jessie Everson Checkley Education Grant - open to NSW branch members. Grants to support attending/presenting at educational events

  • Qld branch conference travel grants - open to QLD branch members. Grants to support attending to present at a National or International conference

Updated 20 February  2021