Renee Collisson Scholarship

In memory of our colleague, who was a passionate advocate of healthcare for all, especially mothers and babies in low resource countries, the ACNN low resource country context scholarship has been renamed to the Renee Collisson Scholarship.   

'Renee held a great passion for helping those most vulnerable in this world. She naturally gravitated to low resource countries and communities throughout her life in varying capacities.    This passion led her to join the ACNN LRC SIG as a contributing member. She took great joy in being part of something that helped educate and empower communities to provide safer life changing care to both mothers and their babies. Her reach did not stop there, Renee would inspire many others to seek out opportunities that would help make a difference to those that had little in this world. She believed that just one person can make a difference, and that one person helps the world become a more equal better place'.

ACNN members are invited to apply for a Renee Collisson Scholarship in the following categories:

  1. Present or attend a conference being held in a low resource country
  2. Workshop, short course or training applicable to low resource countries
  3. Postgraduate studies applicable to low resource county context
  4. Quality improvement/small research projects in collaboration with local staff in a low resource country context

Application Process

Key dates

  • Applications are open all year and assessed bimonthly in February, April, June, August, October, December
  • Recipients are formally announced annually at the ACNN National Conference 

Enquires and applications to Professor Denise Harrison:

Updated 14 September 2021