Low Resource Countries SIG

The purpose of the low resource countries (LRC) SIG is to action  The Every Newborn Action Plan and advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The LRC SIG is specifically addressing newborn mortality throughout Australia’s neighbouring LRCs within South East Asia and Sovereign Oceania regions. Each year, 2 delegations of LRC SIG members visit a Low Resource Country, providing education and training using the Helping Babies Breathe Program. The LRC SIG contributes towards the Strategic Plan of ACNN using the sustainable committee document.

Achievements to date 

Delivered Training to over 400 individuals including:  School of Nursing Students & Midwifery Educators; Goroka Hospital's Nursing, Midwifery & Medical Staff; Village Birth Attendants in isolated rural and remote settings.

Provided Equipment including an ultrasound machine, washing machine, water tank, syringe pumps, glucometers, biliblankets, cam med bed, massimo's, headlamps (for the village birth attendants), HBB training equipment, face masks, suction penguins, mattresses for delivery suite beds, newborn clothing, beanies, bunny rugs.

Presented Internationally, Nationally and at the local level.   

For more information regarding the dates for 2019 trips, past trips, presentations, and member only documents are located in the members section of the website. Please login to access these documents. 

Operating Committee

  • Chair: Donna Hovey (QLD)

  • Secretary: Gill Mibus (SA)

  • Treasurer: Melissah Burnett (VIC)

  • Ordinary members: Anndrea Flint (QLD), Renee Collison (VIC), Amy Forbes-Coe (QLD), Robyn Schmid (NSW), Karen New (Qld)

The operating committee positions become vacant each year at the workshop/meeting held in conjunction with the ACNN National Conference and nominations called from the floor. Should you be interested in a position on the committee please forward your nomination to us.

For all other enquires email us at lrcsig@acnn.org.au

Updated 11 February 2019