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In 2020...

Paediatric and Neonatal Conference - Bathurst

Paediatric and Neonatal Conference - Bathurst

18 Mar '20

Paediatric and Neonatal Conference for clinicians in non tertiary settings.On Thursday 19 March 2020 at 7:30am


Rydges Hotel, Mount Panorama, Bathurst
1 Conrod Straight, Bathurst, NSW 2795
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In 2019...

Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases

27 Sep

Infectious diseases in pregnant women, fetuses and newborns
September 27-29
Q Station, Manly, NSW
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2019 Global Neonatal Nursesi Institute

23 Oct

Caring for Hawai'i Neonates
24-25 October 2019
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Broken Sleep Conference

Broken Sleep Conference

23 Oct

24- 26th October 2019 Broken Sleep: Insights into biology, culture and parenting in today's world. Melbourne, VIC This conference will explore issues relevant to any professional health worker or volunteer working with new families in the first years of their baby's life.

Topics include practical strategies for supporting parents with infant sleep and breastfeeding including effective communication with parents around infant sleep, factors influencing family sleep arrangements; and sleep patterns in breast and formula fed babies, as well as reviewing the research around the biology of infant sleep in the context of modern culture.
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European Neonatal Ethics Conference 2019

13 Nov

Date: 14 - 15 November 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Organisation: British Association of Perinatal Medicine
Full details available on their website
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Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Conference (NMLC 2019)

Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Conference (NMLC 2019)

28 Nov

Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Conference 2019
29 November – 30 November 2019
Venue: Crown Perth
Website: https://nmlconference.com.au/

Empowering professionalism and celebrating the future in nursing and midwifery.
Empowering professionalism is a significant element of the Nursing Now Campaign 2018-2021 and part of the National Nursing (including Midwifery) 2030 strategy.
  • What do we mean by celebrating the future in our two professions?
  • How can we engage in raising the profile of the professions?
  • How can we promote the health and well-being of nurses and midwives?
  • What more can we do to impact the patient experience and outcomes?

These are all questions we are keen to explore at the Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Conference 2019.
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