South Australia

The SA Branch is committed to the ACNN objectives of advancing the specialty of neonatal nursing and positively influencing care for neonates and their families.


  • Chairperson: Petra Noble
  • Secretary: Miriam Long
  • Assistant Secretary: Tegan Stanley
  • Treasurer liaison: Marissa Lewis
  • Social Media liaison: Isobel Cox, Tegan Stanley
  • Ordinary members: Louise Stock, Susie Jones, Belinda Bosward, Liz McQuie, Jacquie Glazbrook, Christine Bonnily, Sara Jones. 

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The SA Branch provides a forum for discussion and debate about how neonatal nurses can work together to achieve optimal care for neonates and their families. Its role is to provide support for professional development, education and research opportunities, provide leadership in clinical care and contribute to health care policy within SA.

The Branch holds regional and metropolitan seminars and education events throughout the year, which are posted on the EVENTS tab.  

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Updated 19 March 2024