Research SIG

The purpose of the neonatal research SIG is to bring together those members with an interest in any aspect of research, from planning through to publication and promote and facilitate research related to neonatal care. 

We are able to offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Advising on conference abstract preparation and/or reviewing/editing abstracts prior to submission
  • Assisting with conference poster formatting
  • Writing and preparing manuscripts for publication
  • Ethics applications
  • Grant submission applications
  • Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Committee 2018-2019

  • Chair: Margaret Boom 
  • Secretary: Kim Psaila
  • Treasurer: Sheeja Pathrose
  • Ordinary members: Kaye Spence, Jann Foster, Margo Pritchard, Linda Crowe, Suza Trajkovski, Carole Scaife, Laurene Aydon, Amy Tagliante Saracino, April Miller

Research policy

In keeping with the ACNN vision and mission statement in the promotion of excellence in the care of neonates and to enhance the quality of clinical practice and research, ACNN promotes and facilitates research related to neonatal care. The National Executive encourages member participation in research. All requests from internal and external researchers are reviewed by the committee and if deemed relevant to members, information regarding the research is distributed to members via email. ACNN does not give members details to researchers, the participation request and documents will be distributed by ACNN.  Confidentiality of members details is maintained at all times.

Member participation in research is voluntary. 

For more information please contact:

Updated 11 February 2019