Leadership Sig

The Australian College of Neonatal Nurses (ACNN) is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the care of neonates and their families. Its special interest groups (SIGs) support this outcome by monitoring, informing and making recommendations to the ACNN Executive on many aspects of neonatal nursing care.

The Leadership SIG has a focus on leadership in career progression and development, increasing awareness and support of the importance of nursing leadership and the impact this has on practice change. The SIG aims to increase the awareness of the neonatal speciality within nursing, paediatrics and adult-based services including the national registration agency (APHRA).

Operating Committee

Chair: Sarah Morris (NSW)
Secretary: Alicia Blake (QLD)
Treasurer liaison: Jemma Binney (VIC)

Ordinary members: Melissah Burnett (VIC), Kristen Bennie (NSW), Natalie Butchard (NSW), Nicole Hedley (NSW), Rebecca MacPherson (NSW), Sandra Meskel (VIC), Leanne Mills (SA), Joanne Pegg (VIC), Jane Roxburgh (NSW), Heather Shamsolahi (VIC), Stephanie Webster (QLD) 

The Leadership SIG meets face to face at ACNN Conference and Leadership events, and otherwise via zoom meetings.
We welcome new members and encourage feedback and new ideas on how we can improve the leadership journey for neonatal nurses.

Contact us at leadership@acnn.org.au.

Updated 21 September  2023