External Member Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by ACNN partners for ACNN members who are currently financial and who remain financial for the duration of the activity supported by the scholarship. 

University of Tasmania (UTAS) scholarships

UTAS and ACNN have partnered to offer a range of postgraduate qualification scholarships to ACNN members. This includes Graduate Certificates, Diplomas and Master’s degrees.

As a member of ACNN you will receive a heavily subsidised course. For example a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Specialisation (H5F) Neonatal Intensive and Special Care Nursing is normally priced at $4,124. Under ACNN partnered scholarships with UTAS, ACNN members only pay $1,110. *indicative only, fees may change each year and excludes Student Services Fees (SSAF)

Other courses include

  • Masters of Clinical Nursing
  • Graduate Certificate in Midwifery
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma in Leadership

Entry Requirements

Please refer to the following UTAS website pages for more information 

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the ACNN Member Scholarship

Please check the UTAS WEBSITE for details, frequently asked questions and to apply.
Should you have further questions, please contact UTAS directly.

Updated 22 March 2024