Membership & Renewals

New membership payment - as of the end of April 2024, those joining ACNN will be able to select either a monthly payment or annual payment.
For monthly, the 1st payment will be $28.25 ($20 joining fee + $8.25 monthly membership fee) and each subsequent monthly fee is $8.25 = $99 annual membership.
For those paying yearly - the fee is $119 ($20 joining fee + $99 annual membership). Subsequent annual membership = $99.
Please complete a membership application and set a password to purchase this product.

Membership renewal - the renewal period will commence in late April - early May. ACNN will offer 2 payment options (monthly or yearly) which will automatically be recurring.
The monthly fee is $8.25 ($99 for the year) and the yearly fee is $99. All prices are inclusive of GST.