Research SIG

Role Modelling

2 Nov

Date: Tuesday 2nd November 
Time: 7-8:30pm (AEDT) which means 6-7:30pm (QLD).
"Role modelling" 
Presenter: Julie Sorrell, MSc in Health and Social Care Leadership & Nurse Researcher at Qld Health
Overview: Leadership is Julie’s passion and she was able to use her knowledge and experience when she developed a Clinical Nurse Leadership development program for the North West Hospital Health Service nurses. A program that has been adopted by two further HHS’s across Queensland. The BOOST! Leadership Development Program has been presented at the ‘Are you remotely Interested’ conference, JCU centre for Rural and Remote Health, the 2019 ICN congress in Singapore and the 2019 AQNML conference in Brisbane and is supported by the QH OCNMO.

Julie will discuss effective leadership. It cannot be overstated that leaders who enhance their own skills and abilities set an example that has a significant impact on the rest of the workforce.
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Implications & strategies for treating newborn brain damage

23 Sep

Seminar Overview

Of the 300,000+ babies born in Australia each year, most experience a healthy delivery. However, for some complications can arise that can have profound implications for healthy brain development. Birth asphyxia – when the brain is starved of oxygen and blood around the time of birth – is the second leading cause of infant death and the leading cause of neonatal seizures in newborn babies around the world. Despite poor brain outcomes and life-long neurological disability in survivors, relatively few therapies or diagnostic tools have reached the neonatal ICU. The implementation of hypothermia treatment for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) has resulted in record levels of survival, however 1 in 4 babies are still at significant risk of cerebral palsy, epilepsy and motor and intellectual impairment. It is clear that additional strategies are needed for the management of (HIE) to improve outcomes for this patient population.
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Infant Feeding SIG Q & A

26 Aug

The Infant Feeding SIG committee is planning to hold a Peer Practice Q&A online session on Thursday 26 August, for one hour starting 7.30pm NSW time.
The purpose is to allow members to put questions to an expert panel on matters relating to infant feeding.
We are calling for questions to be submitted in advance, by Friday 20 August
, to facilitate the preparation of responses for best use of time.

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KTF - Health programs

8 Aug

Date: Monday 9 August
Time: 6.30 pm start
Presenter: Kate Donnellan, Health Programs Manager, Kokoda Track Foundation
Cost: free for members; $20 for non-members
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Effective Communication Virtual Presentation

4 Aug

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Edi monitoring & NAVA - NNP SIG event

27 Jul

Date: Tuesday 27 July 2021
Time: 7 pm sharp
Presenter: Sharon Crocetti, Clinical Application Team Manager, Acute Care Therapies, Getinge Australia.
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Experiencing Research presentation

22 Jul

Monthly “Experiencing Research” presentations via ZOOM - The aim of this initiative is to  facilitate increased awareness of current research, and provide an avenue for neonatal nurses to contribute to neonatal research and clinical practice change.
Next presentation: Thursday 22nd July @ 7pm AEST
“This is how we roll: a retrospective audit of positioning practices of extremely premature infants in the first 72 hours of life. - Hannah Skelton
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Conflict Competence Virtual Presentation

7 Jul

Title: Conflict Competence 
Date: Wednesday 7th July 2021
Time: 7- 8 pm AEST
Presenter: Julie Sorrell, Nurse Researcher at Queensland Health.
Nursing research is the key to unlocking innovative and creative solutions in nursing and associated health professions. Julie’s key achievements include: 
• Establishment of a robust process that ensures that clinical staff use evidence research and identify their research needs.
• Introduced feasibility process and support through systems for evidence-based review/quality improvement/research projects.

Key achievements in Leadership
Development and introduction of the BOOST Leadership development program for emerging nurse leaders.
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Nutrition virtual seminar

6 Jul

Date: 6 July 2021
Time: Commencing 7.00 pm AEST
Presenters: Dr Eveline Staub; Dr Sheeja Perumbil and Justine Parsons. 
Topics include: “Standardised feeding protocols decrease complications in VLBW infants”;  ‘Gastric residual aspiration practices: need for an evidence-based clinical practice guideline’ ; "Donor Milk"
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Neuro-critical nursing and supporting the developing brain

30 Jun

Topic: Neuro-critical nursing and supporting the developing brain
Date: 30 June 2021
Time 7.30 - 8.30 pm AEST (Sydney time)
Presenter: Dr Gayatri Jape, Consultant Neonatologist, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth. 
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