Research Engagement


ACNN is a national body that aims to promote and facilitate nursing research related to neonatal care.

ACNN has established a Research Special Interest Group, whose members are able to offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Writing and preparing manuscripts for publication

  • Ethics applications

  • Grant submission applications

  • Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Please contact for assistance

Research policy

In keeping with the ACNN vision and mission statement in the promotion of excellence in the care of neonates and to enhance the quality of clinical practice and research, ACNN promotes and facilitates research related to neonatal care. When the ACNN executive council receives a request from researchers to access ACNN members to participate in research, the ACNN executive council assesses each research project individually.

Should ACNN agree to a research request, ACNN will either distribute the information and invitation to members or formalise an agreement with the researcher regarding the privacy and use of member details for the purpose of distributing research invitations. Confidentiality of members details is maintained at all times.

Member participation in research is voluntary. Should a member NOT wish to be sent information or invitations to participate in research, please notify the secretary of ACNN at

Research participation requests

Researchers seeking to distribute research project information to ACNN members for the purpose of recuiting potential participants are to send to the secretary a cover letter outlining the specific request for distribution, a copy of the HREC approval letter and any further documentation such as a copy of the survey, a link to electronic survey for example.

A copy of the process is available as a PDF.
We encourage you to read this before applying2017Research_Applications.pdf (47.3 KB)

Updated 09 April 2017