Internal Member Scholarships


  • Conference, seminar, symposium, short course, workshop attendance as an attendee/delegate
  • National or International conference attendance to present primary research results
  • Postgraduate Study - e.g., Certificate, Diploma, Masters
  • Higher Degree by Research (HDR) - e.g., MPhil, PhD, Professional doctorate by research
  • Primary research project funding not associated with a HDR
  • Quality improvement project funding

Scholarship Conditions

  • Applications not submitted with a completed checklist and required documents will not be accepted and will not proceed to the assessment process.
  • Applications not accepted are encouraged to be re-submitted once corrected for assessment in the next round. 
  • Awarding of full expenses is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the awarding panel.
  • For conference, seminar, workshop attendance - only registration, flights and/or accommodation expenses can be claimed. Travel insurance, cab/uber/train fares, meals, visa's, other miscellaneous items are not eligible.
  • For HDR and postgraduate study - only subject/course fee/s can be claimed. Student union fees and other miscellaneous university costs are not eligible for claiming. Proof of enrollment and statement of fees (fees outstanding/paid) must accompany application.
  • For Research and Quality Improvement projects - research/QI protocol is required to be submitted with the application. HREC approval letter will be required prior to funding paid to recipient.
  • Receipts not provided at the time of application, must be provided prior to the scholarship being paid.
  • The recipient must write an article for the ACNN newsletter within 1 month of completing/attending the activity for which the scholarship was received. The article should summarise details with reference to the category to which it was awarded and outline a number of outcomes/things learned from your attendance/completion of a course/workshop etc. Must be submitted to
  • Scholarships will be paid in two installments - on receiving the scholarship claim form and any outstanding receipts (if applicable); and the balance paid on the article being received. Form, receipts and article sent to
  • Recipients of scholarships will be announced at the ACNN National Conference and provided with an option to be or not to be announced through ACNN media channels (newsletter, emails and social media). Please indicate your agreement to social media announcement by checking the box in the checklist. Leave unchecked if you do not agree.

Application process

  1. The scholarship conditions and checklist form (word document) will be available in December.
  2. Prepare documents and complete the checklist
  3. Email in a single document, to
  • Completed checklist 
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Detailed Budget
  • Proof of enrollment for university courses OR
  • Receipts/invoices of costs already paid OR
  • Screenshots/document with details of fees for each budget item (if available)

Applications will be acknowledged by email within 72 hours. If not acknowledged, please re-email or phone ACNN.

Education scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity is for those who are or wish to undertake educational roles/projects within the field of neonatal nursing. 

Clinical and Professional Leadership scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity relates to clinical and professional leadership and/or management and/or to undertake quality and safety improvement  initiates and/or studies relating to clinical and professional leadership, management, workforce, recruitment, staff or patient (parent) satisfaction. 

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner scholarship -
applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity supports the development of advanced knowledge or clinical skills pertaining to the role and scope of a neonatal nurse practitioner or candidate.    

Neo-Skin scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity is on an aspect specific to neonatal skin including wound care, assessment, tools.

Neurodevelopmental Care scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity is on infant and family and centered developmental care/neuroprotective developmental care

Nutrition and Feeding scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity is related specifically to supporting neonatal nutrition and feeding

Renee Collisson low resource countries scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity is held in/applicable/collaboratively undertaken in a low resource country; or related to public health.

Research scholarship - applicable to a category when the main focus of the activity is to undertake quality improvement or primary research (as part of or independent of an HDR) or present research results at a national or international conference.

External Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by ACNN partners for ACNN members who are currently financial and who remain financial for the duration of the activity supported by the scholarship. 

University of Tasmania scholarships

UTas and ACNN have partnered to offer a range of diploma and postgraduate qualification scholarships to ACNN members.

As a member of ACNN you will receive a heavily subsidised course. For example Grad Cert in Nursing Specialisation (H5F) is normally priced at $10, 460. ACNN member price is $986 (indicative only and excludes SSAF). 

Other courses include

  • Masters of Clinical Nursing
  • Grad Cert in Midwifery
  • Grad Cert in Leadership
  • Grad Diploma in Leadership

Entry Requirements

Please refer to UTas website for nursing and the UTas and ACNN scholarship information page.

To be eligible for the ACNN Member Scholarship

  • Must be a current financial member of ACNN for the duration of enrolment. 
  • Proof of membership will be required upon application.

Please email for a proof of membership letter.

Please check the UTAS WEBSITE for details, frequently asked questions and to apply.
Should you have further questions, please contact UTAS directly.

ACNN supported Non-Member Scholarships

ACNN offers a Low Resource Setting Nurse Scholarship to facilitate the professional learning and development of those nurses/midwives from low resource countries in South East Asia and Sovereign Oceania regions, who care for neonates.

Examples of educational opportunities this scholarship supports includes attendance at:

  • Australian College of Neonatal Nurses National Conference (ACNN)
  • Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference (COINN)
  • South Pacific Nurses Forum (SPNF)
  • Neonatal focussed workshops in Australia (e.g. developmental care workshop)

Things to consider

  • Applications must be received at least 3 months prior to the conference/educational event to allow for organising of registration, flights, accommodation, visa's and any required health certificates 

Application Process - Please contact the LRC SIG committee at

Updated 27 November 2023