Jessie Everson Checkley Education Grant

New South wales branch

The grant is for the purpose of attending or presenting at any educational forum pertaining to neonatal nursing. A maximum of $6,000 will be awarded in any financial year (July to June). Applications may be made at any time. The branch committee will aim to make decisions on applications by four weeks after receiving the application.


1.Large grant of $2,000, two only per financial year.

2.Small grants of up to $500, four per financial year only or at the discretion of the branch committee.


Any ACNN NSW Branch member who is financial and has been for not less than 12 months before the application, and is currently working in the area of neonatal care. Members are eligible to apply again two years after receiving a grant.

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Jessie Everson-Checkley Education Grant

Last updated 17 Jan 2017