• Below are a selection of web resources that you may find helpful in your clinical practice.
  • Click on the link to view the web resource. To navigate back to the ACNN website all you need to do is click the back button in your web browser.
  • Some resources may require you to register to view content. It is entirely up to you whether you would like to do this, all registrations are free of charge.

Consumer focussed websites

  • Raising Children Network  (Australian, consumer focussed) - scroll down to the Premature babies section for some great resources

Clinical focussed websites

Education practice resources

Quality and safety resource websites

Resuscitation resource websites

  • Australian Resuscitation Council - scroll down to section 13 -  neonatal guidelines

  • ANZCOR summarises the history and development of the ANZCOR Neonatal Guidelines, as well as the major changes in the 2016 revision article.
  • NeoResus is making headways in educating health care professionals on newborn life support and advanced newborn life support. They have an excellent learning resource section. Visit their website to find out about programs and bookings.  
  • Resus4Kids - has a good section on the neo-puff (be reminded that this is for paediatric patients so the ratio is different for newborns)


  • NeoRESQ is the neonatal retrieval service that supports regional centres in central and south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
  • NETS Retrieval Service for NSW 

  • NETS WA Retrieval service for WA

  • PIPER VIC for retrieval of critically ill children, infants and pregnant women in Victoria, Tasmania, and Southern New South Wales

  • MedSTAR South Australian transport service

  • S.T.A.B.L.E. USA and Canada, has great resources for transporting the neonate

For any education resources you would like to see added please e-mail

Updated 28 March 2020