Australian Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Roll Call (ACNN Members denoted by *)

  • Current as of 13/06/2022

  NNP ROLL CALL – Updated  June 2022
 * denotes ACNN Member

State Name Facility Status


Northern Territory



Anderson-Hawke Karen John Hunter Endorsed
Barker  Amy Westmead Grace Newborn Endorsed
Berecry Lisa RPA Endorsed
Binoy Sheena RHW Endorsed
Brown Sara RPA Endorsed
Hennessey  Mariann Westmead Hospital NICU Endorsed
James Nunez Kristen Westmead Grace Newborn Endorsed
Janes Penelope RPA Endorsed
Jones Jane Westmead Hospital NICU Endorsed
Kenny  Sarah RPA Endorsed
Lowe Krista Westmead Hospital NICU Endorsed
Owers Marilyn John Hunter Endorsed
Pollock Kym John Hunter Endorsed
Sullivan Bonita RPA Endorsed
Vickery Cathy John Hunter Endorsed
Wagner Mary John Hunter Endorsed

 *  Argyros  Seija RBWH  Endorsed
Barrett Jade MMH Endorsed
Brown David Townsville Endorsed
Brown  Kate RBWH Candidate
Browne Jane GCUH Endorsed
 *  Butler  Kimberley MMH Candidate

Cross Tenille MMH Endorsed
Farrugia  Mattea MMH Candidate
Forbes-Coe  Amy  Townsville Endorsed

Flint Anndrea Redcliffe Endorsed

Hall Steph RBWH Candidate
Hillyard  Donna MMH Endorsed
Hose  Karen RBWH Endorsed
La Spina  Jo  Townsville Endorsed
Langford  Jane SCUH Endorsed

Monk Barb Townsville Endorsed

Moore Janene Townsville Endorsed

Moore Kirsty Townsville Endorsed

Murphy Megan Townsville Endorsed

Oldfield Ruth Townsville Endorsed

Reece Angie Ipswich Candidate

Scott Jeni SCUH Endorsed

Spaight Gemma RBWH Endorsed

South Australia
Bernardo Julie Flinders Medical Centre Endorsed
French Jo-Anne Women's and Children's Endorsed
Hussey Lee Women's and Children's Endorsed
Long Miriam Women's and Children's Endorsed

Markwart Claudia Women's and Children's Endorsed
Mibus Gill Women's and Children's Endorsed

Mitchell Lynne Women's and Children's Endorsed

Noble Petra Flinders Medical Centre Endorsed
Tamassy Ann-Marie Women's and Children's Endorsed

Wilson Amber Flinders Medical Centre Endorsed



  Gallardo Canales Johnny Monash Endorsed

Cook Danielle Northern Endorsed

Cowan Elise Monash Candidate

Croft Tracey RWH Candidate
Fletcher Kim Monash Endorsed

Fox Cath Monash Endorsed

Jeston Sally RCH Endorsed
Kerr Lorna RWH Endorsed

Nair Usha RWH Candidate
Patterson Helen Werribee (not currently working as NP Endorsed
Scott Jo PIPER Endorsed

Singh Dalbir Monash Endorsed
Sissing Sil RWH Endorsed

Western Australia  -

No. endorsed  54

No. candidates  8

Page updated 13/06/2022