Topic: Fathers' group in the NICU
Speakers: Ms Gillian Brodie, Senior social worker, King Edward Memorial Hospital,WA; and  Mr Jeremy Johnson, Ex-NICU proud dad & RN in NICU, King Edward Memorial Hospital & Notre Dame University, WA.
Presented November 2020 - available until 12 February - to view click HERE

Topic: Circadian care in the NICU: How can we use day and night to assist in preterm infant development?
Speaker: Mrs Tash Sorensen
Clinical Trial Coordinator for CIRCA DIEM trial, Telethon Kids Institute, King Edward Memorial Hospital and
University of Western Australia
Presented October 2020 - available until 07 January to view click HERE

Topic: The evolution of clinical practice after moving into a new nursery and post the Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education Program (FINE) training
Speaker: Mrs Kristin Hughes
Clinical Nurse, the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Queensland
Presented August 2020 - available until 26 November - to view click HERE

Updated 23 November 2020