Please find below the presentations that have been recorded. Please click on the linked topic heading to access the presentation. Please note presentations are available for approximately 3 months. 

Title: Modified LATCH tool - an example of breastfeeding assessment for preterm and sick newborns
Presenter: Rachel Jones
Available until 30 April 2024

Title: Sustainability in the NICU
Presenter: Justine Parsons
Available until 30 April 2024

Title: Thermoregulation practices & Incubator humidity practices
Presenters: Dr Pranav Jani and Dr Umesh Mishra
Available until: 15 February 2023

Title: "Feeding Preterm Babies in the NICU- A Mother's Perspective"
Presenter: Heather Taylor & Family of a preterm infant
Available until: 1 February 2024  

Title: Research SIG presentation - Safe Passage: A Tripartite Progressive Agency Theory
Presenter: Trish Lowe
Available until: 26 January 2024  

Title: Leadership SIG presentation - Attending ICN conference in Montreal, Canada. 
Presenter: Kristen Bennie
Available until: 17 January 2024  

NSW Branch presentations & open meeting
Presenters: Justine Parsons & Kristy Chesworth
Available until: 26 October 2023

Past presentations

(Presentation may be available for viewing - please contact to check if link and recording available)

June 2023
Title: Co-bedding of Twins in the Neonatal Period in Australia
Presenter:  Philippa Mann, Lecturer and PhD Candidate with the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University.

June 2023
Title: “When a Horse isn’t a Horse- it’s a Zebra”
Topic - Metabolic conditions
Presenter: Greg Woodhead, Neonatal Consultant & Metabolic Fellow, RCH, Melbourne

May 2023
Topic: Improvement in thermoregulation outcomes following the implementation of a thermoregulation bundle.
Presenter: Hannah Skelton, CNC NICU, Westmead Hospital and PhD candidate at Western Sydney University.

April 2023
Topic: Neonatal Peripheral IV Insertions: Pitfalls and Victories – Innovative Solutions
Presenter: Stephanie Hall, NNP Candidate and CN at the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital

April 2023
Topic: The perils of peri-viability 
Presenters: Dr Amir Zayegh - Ethical challenges in caring for infants on the edge of viability and Ms Justine Parsons & Ms Krischelle York - Blurry lines – the margins of viability

March 2023
Topic: The RBWH Humidity Trial: results of a randomised controlled trial.  
Presenter: Gill Noreiks, Principal Clinical Nurse at the Grantley Stable Nursery Unit (GSNU), Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH).

March 2023
Topic: How we can Support Feeding and Communication Development in Neonatal Settings.
Presenter: Jane Pettigrew, Speech pathologist, The Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

November 2022
Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorder in children born extremely preterm
Presenter: Crista Wocadlo

November 2022
Topic: Qld branch 'snap' presentations

  • Does the implementation of a reading library improve family experience whilst in the neonatal unit? Renee Muirhead, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Mater Mother’s Hospital

  • The impact of restricted visiting on family-centred care during the COVID-19 pandemic Katelyn Effeney, Clinical Nurse/Clinical Coach, Sunshine Coast University Hospital  

  • Queensland Branch Annual General Meeting Election of the committee for 2023

  • Hospitalised neonates requiring reinsertion of peripheral intravenous catheters: a case series Stephanie Hall, Clinical Nurse and NNP Candidate, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital  

  • Reducing EBM errors in a tertiary NICU through the implementation of barcoded patient matching Amanda Bates, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Mater Mothers’ Hospital

October 2022
Topic: Moral distress and burnout

Presenter: Dr Peter Barr

June 2022
Topic: Nutrition in Neonates
Bella Cameron, Dietitian, Grace Centre for Newborn Care

May 2022
Topic: Skin Injures & Assessment
Presenter: Deanne August, PhD Candidate

May 2022
Topic: Using QI to improve perinatal infant mental health and more. Presented by Amy Keir, Consultant Neonatologist, Women's and Children's Hospital, University of Adelaide, South Australian Institute of Health and Medical Research (SAHMRI), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Senior Research Fellowship.

March 2022
Topic: Neonatal Organ Donation. Presented by Dr Rebecca Barzegar & Justine Parson

March 2022
Topic: “The CoT Study - Co-bedding of Twins in the Neonatal Period”. Presented by Philippa Mann. Doctoral student with the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University. 

November 2021
Topic: Infant Mental Health. Presented by Dr Kim Psaila, RN, Midwife, PhD, NIDCAP professional, infant mental health professional. 

November 2021
Topic: PPHN - Blue Babies. Presented by Dr Anu Kochar, Senior Consultant Neonatologist, Womens and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide. 

November 2021
Topic: “Neonatal Nurses’ Professional Quality of Life: An Integrative Review.” Presented by Patricia (Trish) Lowe is a registered nurse, midwife, and child and family health nurse, with almost four decades of experience working in private and public health models.

November 2021
Topic: "Role modelling". Presented by Julie Sorrell, MSc in Health and Social Care Leadership & Nurse Researcher at Qld Health

24 September 2021
Topic: Implications and strategies for treating newborn brain damage.
Presented by Dr Tracey Bjorkman is a Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader at the Perinatal Research Centre and UQ Centre for Clinical Research.

9 August 2021
KTF facilitated Health programs in PNG. Presented by Kate Donnellan, Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF)

4 August 2021
Effective Communication. Presented by Julie Sorrell

27 July 2021
Edi Monitoring and NAVA in the Neonatal Patient. Presented by Sharon Crocetti.

22 July 2021
“This is how we roll: a retrospective audit of positioning practices of extremely premature infants in the first 72 hours of life.” Presented by Hannah Skelton.

7 July 2021
Conflict Competence - Julie Sorrell (hosted by Leadership SIG)

6 July 2021
Nutrition Seminar (“Standardised feeding protocols decrease complications in VLBW infants”;  ‘Gastric residual aspiration practices: need for an evidence-based clinical practice guideline’ ; "Donor Milk") - Dr Eveline Staub; Dr Sheeja Perumbil and Justine Parsons (hosted by Eduction SIG)

30 June 2021
Neuro-critical nursing and supporting the developing brain - Dr Gayatri Jape (hosted by NDC SIG) + PowerPoint presentation slides. 

20 May 2021
Topic: “Timing of breast expression initiation in mothers of preterm infants: A pilot randomised controlled trial”
Presenter: Loretta Anderson, UQ PhD Candidate, Breastfeeding Coordinator , Mater Mothers Parenting Support Service. Casual Academic Nursing and Midwifery UQ.

12 May 2021
Perinatal & Neonatal Palliative Care Evening Seminar

  • Perinatal & Neonatal Palliative Care -  Victoria Kain PhD - Senior Academic, Griffith University
  • Introduction to new SA Perinatal Palliative Care Pathway - Rebecca May - Nurse Consultant Paediatric Palliative Care WCH
  • Neonatal Palliative Care Portfolio - Jenni Bowler – RN FMC

20 April 2021
Topic: Management of Neonatal Hypoglycaemia, and Does it Matter? 
Presenter: Professor Jane Harding,  Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

12 April 2021
Topic: "Possum Playgroup"
Presenter: Jill Martin, Newborn Family Support Team, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney

08 April 2021
Topic: "Oral feeding our premature babies – not as easy as it seems”
Presenter: Ms Krystal Furey Speech pathologist NICU, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

30 March 2021
Topic: Establishing and Maintaining a breastmilk supply when a baby isn't ready to breastfeed
Presenter: Bronwyn Bernerius RN RM IBCLC CNS Lactation, RPA Newborn Care, RPAH, Sydney

17 March 2021
Topic: The effects of nurse education levels of developmental care in Australia: perceptions and challenges. 
Presenter: Ms Nadine Griffiths, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead; and PhD Candidate, The University of Technology Sydney

15 March 2021
Topic:  Cue-based feeding in the sick or preterm infant.
Presenter: Heather Taylor, RN RM IBCLC, CNS Lactation, RPA Newborn Care, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

12th March 2021
Topic: Lung Ultrasound
Dr Arun Sett, Neonatal fellow MBBS (Hons), CCPU (Neonatal) , The Royal Children’s Hospital, Victoria. Arun is a Victorian trained neonatologist currently working for PIPER and Joan Kirner's Women's and Children's Hospital. Arun has completed ultrasound training through the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and has a keen interest in the use of point of care lung ultrasound in the respiratory management in NICU".

10 February 2020
Topic: Storytelling as an act of leadership.
Presenter: Emma Brand, Head of Projects: Renewable Fuels Program manager for Origin energy.

8 December 2020 
Topic: How much should we listen to parents?
Presenter: Dr Susan Ireland - Born and brought up in Zimbabwe where she worked in a poor resource setting where extremely preterm babies were not offered intensive care at all. Currently a neonatologist in Townsville and has just finished her PHD on exploring how decisions are made to offer intensive care to periviable neonates at Townsville University Hospital.

12 November 2020
Topic: Fathers' group in the NICU.
Presenters: Ms Gillian Brodie, Senior social worker, King Edward Memorial Hospital,WA; and  Mr Jeremy Johnson, Ex-NICU proud dad & RN in NICU, King Edward Memorial Hospital & Notre Dame University, WA.12 November 2020

7 October 2020
Topic: Circadian care in the NICU: How can we use day and night to assist in preterm infant development?
Presenters: Mrs Tash Sorensen, Clinical Trial Coordinator for CIRCA DIEM trial, Telethon Kids Institute, King Edward Memorial Hospital and University of Western Australia

26 August 2020
: The evolution of clinical practice after moving into a new nursery and post the Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education Program (FINE) training
Presenter: Mrs Kristin Hughes, Clinical Nurse, the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Queensland