pulim win project - rotary partnership

Pulim Win Project

Breathing life into PNG newborns

A Rotary and LRC SIG Partnership

The LRC SIG has formed a partnership with the Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club of Australia.  
Through this partnership the Pulim Win Project has been developed to build on the
LRC SIG's work in PNG. 

The goals of the project are to;
1. Improve the quality of health care given to mothers and newborns around the time of birth to reduce newborn and    maternal morbidity and mortality
2. Create a self-sustaining community of health workers and village health volunteers (VHV's) using low-dose, high-       frequency training and a train-the-trainer program, under pinned by the Helping Babies Breathe and Early                   Essential Newborn care frameworks
3. Support the development of health workers and VHV's confidence, knowledge and skills to deliver essential                   newborn and maternal care at the time of birth 
4. Report an increase in the number of mothers escorted by VHV's to Health Centres/Aid Posts to birth

Pulim Win Project Document

The Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club are happy to discuss the project with other Rotary Clubs of Australia who many be interested in becoming involved.  For further information please contact:

Mr Rennie Schmid
Lower Blue Mountains Rotary
email: renschmid@gmail.com