Achievements And Activities

  • Production of resuscitation video - of what and how we undertake training          in-country. Check out the video HERE
  • Telehealth Education, developed and currently delivering a suite of sessions        to colleagues across the South Pacific islands in collaboration with Taking            Paediatrics Abroad.
  • Delivered Training to over 1100 individuals healthcare workers including:            School of Nursing Students & Midwifery Educators;                                                    Goroka Hospital's Nursing, Midwifery & Medical Staff; Village Health                      Volunteers/Birth Attendants in isolated rural and remote settings.
  • Provided Equipment including an ultrasound machine, washing machine,            water tank, syringe pumps, glucometers, biliblankets, warming mattress, oximeters,                                                  solar headlamps, HBB training equipment, face masks, suction penguins, delivery suite bed                                    mattresses, newborn clothing, beanies, bunny rugs.
  • Presented Internationally, nationally and locally, with and on behalf of PNG colleagues.
  • Gained friendships, immense knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the PNG culture. 

Updated 11 March 2024