Establishment Of Sig

establishment of SIG


  • Established a page on the ACNN website and in the SIG members area
  • Establish a membership database
  • Review relevant data on neonatal mortality rates of Australia’s neighbouring            LRC's
  • Explore the feasibility and resources required to undertake visits to the LRC
  • Establish a timeline for progress and outcomes from 2013 until COINN                        conference in 2016 with view to present at COINN 2016
  • Explore and engage funding partnerships
  • Establish a scholarship for health care professional/s caring for newborns from a LRC to attend the annual ACNN conference

2013 - Strategic Planning

  • Established a working group to explore issues
  • Developed goals, activities and an outcomes document
  • Decided on LRC in which to undertake activity
  • Established contacts within LRC
  • Undertake a needs assessment visit to the LRC of choice
  • Plan to take a group of ACNN members to the LRC to conduct basic training program as agreed with the LRC contacts

Proposal to Deliver HBB in PNG


                             Goroka Hospital 2014                                                            HBB Training Kainantu  2015

Updated 9 January 2022